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Golden Palace Diner!

The best quality is absolute satisfaction of customers. We provide the best and delicious food to our customers.

Golden Palace Diner strives to keep the standard for good.

We are open Seven days a week to serve our customers with scrumptious meal. Golden Palace Diner offers Dine in, Takeout and Party Catering for any event.

We promise you that we will keep on doing our best with strength,
honesty and pride.


Served with home fries, toast and jelly.

Three Eggs 7.79 – with Meat 10.79

New York Strip Steak & Eggs (3) (14 Oz.) 26.39

Ground Sirloin & Eggs (3) (14 Oz.) 19.19

Ham Steak and Eggs
(3) (14 Oz.) 19.19

Country Fried Steak (2) And Eggs (3)
with Sausage Gravy 17.99

T-Bone (16 Oz.) & Eggs (3) 28.79

Egg Whites 1.79 Extra


Served with home fries, toast and jelly.

Plain Omelette 8.39

American Cheese Omelette 9.59

Bacon Omelette 10.79
with Cheese 11.39

Ham Omelette 10.19
with Cheese 11.29

Italian Sausage Omelette 10.39
with Cheese 11.59

Mushroom Omelette 8.99
with Cheese 10.39

Spanish Omelette 10.79
with Cheese 11.99
Sausage Omelette 10.19
with Cheese 11.29

Western Omelette 10.19
with Cheese 11.29

Florentine Omelette
with spinach and feta cheese 11.39

Spinach Omelette 8.99
with Cheese 10.39

Country Omelette
with onions, peppers, ham, sausage, bacon and tomato 10.79
with Cheese 11.99

Golden Palace Combo Omelette
with onions, peppers, ham, mushrooms, sausage, bacon and tomatoes 11.29
with Cheese 12.49

Broccoli Omelette 7.49
with Cheese 10.39

Italian Omelette
with italian sausage, tomatoes & provolone cheese 11.99

Seafood Omelette
with crabmeat, shrimp and scallops 14.39

Asparagus Omelette 8.99
with Cheese 10.39

Meat Lover’s Omelette
sausage, bacon & ham 10.79 – with Cheese 11.99

Scrapple Omelette 10.19
with Cheese 11.29

Southern Omelette
spinach, bacon & crabmeat 13.19

Broccoli Rabe Omelette 8.99
with Cheese 10.39

Philly Omelette
sausage, bacon, ham, steak meat & cheese 12.39

Italian Broccoli Rabe Omelette
italian sausage, tomatoes, broccoli rabe & provolone cheese 11.99

Cheesesteak Omelette 11.99

Hollywood Omelette
egg whites, tomato, spinach, bacon, asparagus & cheese 13.19

Simply Fit Omelette
egg whites, chicken, spinach & tomato with fruit or home fries 13.19


Plain Bagel 1.19 • English Muffin .99 • Peppers .89
American Cheese 1.19 • Egg Whites 1.79 • Extra Egg 1.19

Creamed Chipped Beef 11.99
(with three eggs) add 2.39


Sausage Gravy
sausage gravy with two biscuits & home fries 11.99 (with three eggs) add 2.39 (Over All 1.79 Extra)


Combo Breakfast
One Hot Cake, One French Toast & Three Eggs 8.99
with Meat 11.99 • with Meat & Home Fries 13.19


Served with butter and syrup.

Three Hot Cakes 8.39
with Meat 10.79

Short Stack Of Hot Cakes 7.69
with Meat 10.19

Silver Dollar Hot Cakes 10.19

Chocolate Chip Hot Cakes 11.39

Fruit Hot Cakes or French Toast
with Blueberries, Strawberry or Apple Topping 11.99

French Toast 8.39
with Meat 10.79

Short Stack Of French Toast 7.69
with Meat 10.19

Banana Walnut Hot Cakes 11.99

Very Berry, Berry Banana Hotcakes or French Toast (In Season) 13.19

Honey 1.19 extra


Plain Bagel
with butter and jelly 3.69 

Bagel with cream cheese and jelly 4.79 

English Muffin with butter and jelly 2.59 

Two Slices Of Toast 2.19 


Your Choice 4.29





Pork Roll

Canadian Bacon 

Italian Sausage

Corned Beef Hash 

Turkey Sausage

Turkey Bacon


Sizzling Seafood
shrimp, scallops and crab cake topped with peppers, onions and mushrooms on a hot skillet, served with two vegetables & soup or salad 22.79

Sizzling NY Steak (14 oz.)
pepper, onions and mushrooms on a hot skillet, served with two vegetables & soup or salad 26.39 

Sizzling Chopped Steak (Ground Sirloin) (14 oz.) 
Pepper, onions and mushrooms on a hot skillet, two vegetables and soup or salad 19.19 

Sizzling Pork Chops (12 oz.) 
Peppers, onions and mushrooms on a hot skillet served with two vegetables & soup or salad 20.39

Sizzling Chicken
pepper onions and mushrooms on a hot skillet, served with two vegetables & soup or salad 17.99


All are served over rice or linguine or (2) vegetables in place or rice or pasta (linguine, spaghetti, penne or angel hair), soup or salad & fresh homemade bread.


Golden Stuffed Chicken
with crabmeat, topped with Alfredo sauce 23.99

Chicken Marsala
with chicken breast and mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce 22.79

Chicken Cordon Bleu
with chicken breast, ham & Swiss cheese in an Alfredo sauce 23.99

Chicken Ala Broccoli
with chicken breast and broccoli in an Alfredo sauce 22.79

Chicken Cacciatore
sautéed breast, peppers, onions, mushrooms in a marinara sauce 22.79

Chicken Francaise
Egg dipped chicken breast in a lemon, garlic and white wine sauce 22.79

Chicken Scampi
with chicken breast in a garlic butter sauce 21.59

Chicken Alfredo
with chicken breast in an Alfredo sauce 22.79

Chicken Stir Fry
with stir fry veggies 22.79

Chicken Coresco
with chicken breast, fresh spinach, marinara sauce & melted cheese 22.79

Chicken Sorrento
with peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, onions & marinara sauce 22.79

Chicken Teriyaki
with onions & peppers 22.79

Chicken Delight
with mushrooms, broccoli, melted mozzarella cheese in a lemon wine sauce 23.99

Chicken Florentine
egg dipped breast in lemon butter white wine sauce with fresh spinach and provolone cheese 23.99

Chicken Piccata
with capers in a lemon wine sauce 22.79


Shrimp & Scallops Fra Diablo
in a spicy marinara sauce 23.99

Shrimp & Scallops Scampi
with shrimp, scallops and mushrooms in a garlic butter sauce 23.99

Shrimp & Scallops Marinara
with scallops, shrimp and in a marinara sauce 23.99

Shrimp Scampi
in a garlic sauce 23.99

Shrimp & Scallops Alfredo 23.99

Shrimp & Scallops Ala Broccoli
in Alfredo sauce 25.19

Scallops & Shrimp Stir Fry
with stir fry veggies 23.99

Flounder Francaise
egg dipped in a lemon white wine sauce 25.19

Sautéed Seafood
with shrimp, scallops, clams in a white wine or marinara or blush sauce 20.99

garlic white wine or marinara 22.79

Shrimp & Scallops Spinocola
with garlic butter sauce, fresh spinach and melted provolone cheese 23.99

Captain’s Alfredo
with shrimp scallops, lobster and broccoli 27.59

seafood with shrimp, scallops and crabmeat in a seasoned garlic butter sauce 27.59


(Blush Sauce • Tomato Sauce • Alfredo Sauce)

Gnocchi (Complete) 15.59

Chicken & Gnocchi (Complete) 19.19

Shrimp & Gnocchi (Complete) 23.99


Linguine with white or red clam sauce 20.39

Fettuccine Alfredo 19.19

Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken, Shrimp or Scallops 23.99 · Combo 27.59


All are served over rice or linguine or (2) vegetables in place or rice or pasta (linguine, spaghetti, penne or angel hair), soup or salad & fresh homemade bread.


Served with soup salad, two vegetables and fresh homemade bread.

Broiled Prime Rib (16 oz.) 26.39

Broiled Chopped Steak (Ground Sirloin) (14 oz.) 19.19

Broiled Pork Chops (4) (16 oz.) 20.39

Broiled Rib Steak (16 oz.) 26.39

Broiled T-Bone Steak (16 oz.) 28.79

Broiled Ham Steak (14 oz.) 19.19

N.Y. Strip Steak (14 oz.) 26.39

Sliced London Broil 19.19


Please note we cannot be responsible
for flavor or dryness of well-done steaks!

Rare: Cool Red Center
Medium: Warm Pink Center
Well done: No Pink Firm




Served with your choice of soup, salad or Greeck salad, one vegetable and bread & butter.

Original Style Beef Shish-Ka-Bob
tender filet mignon beef, peppers, onions, mushrooms & whole tomato, over rice 27.59

Chicken Shish-Ka-Bob
fresh boneless chicken breast, peppers, onions, mushrooms and whole tomato, over rice 23.99

Chicken Golden Palace
fresh boneless chicken cooked on charcoal with chicken gravy & three kinds of cheeses 17.99

Pork Chops (2) & Chicken Breast (3) Combo 19.19


Served with soup or salad. Two vegetables & fresh homemade bread.

Roast Turkey with apple stuffing 17.99

Roast Half Spring Chicken
with apple stuffing 17.99

HOMEMADE Meatloaf 15.59

Chicken Croquette 14.99

Broiled Chicken Breast 16.79

Baked Virginia Ham with fruit sauce 15.59

Beef Liver with onion 16.79

Arizona Chicken Breast
with ranch dressing, bacon, mozzarella & cheese 17.99


All basket specials are served with soup or salad, and coleslaw. Served with French fries.

Your Choice 15.59

Beer-Battered Fish & Chips

Fried Shrimp in a Basket

Fried Clam Strips in a Basket

Honey Dipped Fried Chicken in a Basket

Fried Nuggets (12) in a Basket

Chicken Fingers (5) in a Basket

Chicken Wings (10) in a Basket


Served with soup or salad, fresh homemade bread and two vegetables (unless complete).

1. Broiled Flounder 15.59
2. Broiled Scallops (5) 16.79
3. Broiled Stuffed Flounder (1) 16.79
4. Broiled Stuffed Shrimp (2) 15.59
5. Broiled Stuffed Mushroom (2) 14.39
6. Broiled Shrimp (6) 15.59
7. Fried Flounder 15.59
8. Fried Scallops (5) 16.79
9. Fried Shrimp (4) 16.79
10. Broiled Pork Chops (3) (12 oz.) 16.49
11. Broiled Chopped Steak (Ground Sirloin) (12 Oz.) 15.59
12. Beef Liver with fried onions 15.59
13. Meatloaf 13.19
14. Broiled Tilapia 15.59
15. Eggplant Parmigiana with spaghetti (complete) 13.19
16. Baked Virginia Ham with sauce 12.59
17. Roast Turkey with apple stuffing 14.99
18. Chicken Croquettes with mashed potatoes 13.19
19. Veal Patty Parmigiana with spaghetti (complete) 13.19
20. Manicotti Parmigiana (Complete) 12.59
21. Cheese Ravioli (complete) 12.59
22. Spaghetti with meatball (complete) 12.59
23. Sliced London Broil (4) 15.59
24. Broiled or Fried Crab Cake 16.19
25 Mini Chicken Parmigiana with spaghetti (complete) 16.79


*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. If you have any food allergy concerns, please advise your server immediately.


Served with soup or salad, two vegetable & fresh homemade bread

All broiled seafood is served with drawn butter and lemon.

Broiled Flounder 20.99

Broiled Sea Scallops (8) 23.99

Broiled Shrimp (9) 21.59

Broiled Salmon 21.59

Broiled Lobster Tails (3) (4 oz.) 43.19

Broiled Mix scallops, flounder and shrimp 25.19

Broiled Seafood Combination
shrimp, scallops, flounder, stuffed mushrooms and lobster 31.19

Broiled Stuffed Flounder (2)
with crabmeat 25.19

Broiled Stuffed Shrimp (3)
with crabmeat 21.59

Broiled Stuffed Mushrooms
with crabmeat 19.19

Broiled Crab Cake Medallions 22.79
Broiled Tilapia 20.39

Golden Palace Tilapia
with sautéed fresh baby spinach, onions and tomatoes 21.59

Broiled Stuffed Salmon 23.99

Broiled Stuffed Combo
flounder, shrimp and mushrooms with crabmeat 25.19

Broiled Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms (2)
with crabmeat and provolone cheese 21.59

All fried seafood is served with cocktail or tartar sauce.

Fried Deviled Clams (5) 17.99

Fried Flounder 21.59

Fried Sea Scallops (8) 25.19

Fried Oysters 26.39

Fried Jumbo Shrimp (6) 22.79

Fried Crab Cake 23.39

Fried Seafood Combination
shrimp, flounder, scallops, oysters, crab cakes, clam strips & deviled clams 31.19

Fried Seafood Mix
with flounder, shrimp & scallops 25.19


Linguine or Spaghetti with red sauce 8.39
with Alfredo Sauce 10.79

Tossed Salad 8.39

French Fries 5.99

Cheese Fries 8.39

Home Fries 5.99

Vegetables 2.39
(1) Meatball 2.39

Toast 2.19
Garlic Bread 2.39

Scoop of Tuna or Chicken Salad 4.79
Disco Fries
with American cheese and brown gravy 8.39

Cup of Alfredo Sauce 4.79
Garlic Sticks (each) .66

Cheese Sauce or Gravy 1.59


All are served with soup or salad & fresh homemade bread.

Baked Manicotti Parmigiana 14.99

Baked Stuffed Shells Parmigiana 14.99

Baked Lasagna 17.99

Cheese Ravioli Parmigiana 14.99

Spaghetti with sauce 14.39
with Meatball 16.79

Italian Pasta Combo
Cheese Ravioli, Manicotti, Ziti, Stuffed Shells, Meatball or Sausage 20.99

Linguine Alfredo with cream sauce 19.19

Baked Ziti Parmigiana 16.79
Add Meatball or Sausage 1.99


Below entrées are served with soup
or salad and choice of two vegetables
or spaghetti and fresh homemade bread.

Eggplant Parmigiana 16.79

Veal Cutlet Parmigiana 23.99

Veal Cutlet with brown gravy 21.59

Chicken Parmigiana 20.39
with Alfredo Sauce 22.79

Shrimp Parmigiana 23.99

Chicken & Crabmeat Parmigiana 23.99

Chicken & Eggplant Parmigiana 22.19


Coffee (Regular or Decaf) 2.39 

Hot Tea (Regular or Decaf) 2.39 

Hot Chocolate 2.79 

Sodas (1 Refill) 2.99 

Iced Tea (1 Refill) 2.99 

Herbal Tea 2.99 

Extra Lemons 1.79 

Pink Lemonade 2.99 

Milk 3.69

Chocolate Milk 3.59


Your Choice 3.59

Orange Juice 

Apple Juice 

Pineapple Juice 

Tomato Juice 

V-8 Juice 

Options just for children 10 and under.

Your Choice 9.59
(For children 10 and under.)
Includes small soda or milk or juice & jello or ice cream.

Spaghetti and Meatball

Big Bird
Chicken Fingers (3) & French Fries

Minnie Mouse
Ravioli (4) with Sauce

Hot Dog (2) and French Fries

Charlie Brown
Chopped Steak & French Fries

Chicken Nuggets (6) & French Fries

Donald Duck
Roast Turkey & French Fries

Mickey Mouse
Grilled Cheese & French Fries

Hamburger and French Fries

Sharing Platter Charge 2.99 extra


Homemade Sticky Bun 3.59

Assorted Cakes 5.99

Puddings 2.89

Pies 4.79

Jello 2.39

Apple Turnovers 4.79

Gourmet Whole Cake 45.60

Whole Pie 24.00

Muffins 2.99


Ice Cream 2.75

Ice Cream
(Double Scoop) 3.99

Fruit Sundae 8.39

Banana Split 10.19

Ice Cream Soda 4.79

Milk Shake 6.59

A La Mode 2.39

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